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Training plans are all well and good, but the first goal is to be able to ride 9 hrs. There is no substitute for doing long rides to prepare to do a long ride. In my experience, for just developing pure endurance you get 80-90% of your training effect from a long ride. The rest of your training should be focused around reducing the recovery time to enable ...


Do 60Kmph or 45+Kmph average for 40 - 60 Km net perhaps 4 times a week on different days, then increment the distance 10Km every week, I did this in winter with an mtb. and I did practice one more thing continuos peddaling (I call it endurance peddaling). it helps a lot in endurance. 2 hills (30 degrees, 200 meters, tarmac) a month helped as well.


A perfect book for beginners in training is Joe Friel's "Cyclist's training bible". The main point he makes in his book is training periodization i.e. changing the volume and intensity of training depending on when you want your peak to occur. In your case this is simple as you have a single goal. In general the rule is: low intensity, high volume through ...

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