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Luck, most likely. You probably have a slow leak, which you could treat by replacing the tube or just keep pumping air in as necessary. Less plausibly, theres something up with your valve. You could try taking the tube out of the tire and pumping it up with a bit of air and putting it in your bath tub to see if you can find some bubbles. [In the ...


I prefer having the nut, because it makes pumping much easier, especially road side with a frame pump. I put them on finger tight and then retighten after inflating, and I've never had one jam, or rattle.


The main reason I don't use them is that they rattle when they come loose. If you're heavy handed when pumping though, the nut is useful. Just remembered one other reason to use them... removing them if you've got a tubeless setup is a recipe for disaster


I suspect a big part of the reason people leave them off is because it's something 'real cyclists' do- along with leaving off the dustcap, lining tyre logos up with valves etc. IME there are no real disadvantages to having them on apart from maybe a few seconds in changing tubes, which might get you some tutting on a group ride if people are hanging around ...


The advantage is that it's quicker and easier to get the tube out and tyre off, and you never have to deal with jammed nuts. IME the nut will be wedged unbelievably tight the one time you get a puncture at an inconvenient moment, and you'll end up breaking the valve (if you have pliers) or not being able to get at the hole (if you don't). The problem there ...

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