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There are several issues that contribute to continuous rolls being less popular that pre packaged chains. Selection Economics: Even if a shop purchased 3 boxes of continuous chain (8, 9 and 10 speed), they still are only carrying one type of chain. Looking at how many component levels are available from any manufacturer, you can see how that would be a ...


They do. Connex (Wipperman) sells bulk chain, as shown by this link, and these people also buy it by the spool. This is likely what bike manufacturers do, and I've seen it in a bike shop or two. I'm sure you can also get it at some place like McMaster-Carr or Grainger if you ask for ANSI #40 roller chain with the appropriate width (possibly by special ...


Bottom line is NO a bike shop will not lower the price for you just because you haggled! The profit margin is low on bikes and no lead way to discount. Some bike stores will discount their bikes when the next year models come out. Look for a non profit shop in the area where you can volunteer and build a bike for very little.


I personally would say yes, if you're running a business that is. With all those feautures there's a lot that comes into play (not just the end product). Its pretty much a moving shop. So yeah $7000 is a hefty investment but if you were serious and knew what you were doing you could make that back quite easily :)

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