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The boss spacing changed from 60 mm to 80 mm with the advent of mountain bikes which use wider wheels. 60mm is the spacing the Dia Compes were made for. What you need are cantilevers made for the narrower spacing with an adjustment for spring tension. Avid Shorty Ultimates are adjustable and their wide setting works well with 60 mm post spacing. Spring ...


My recommendation is that if you are good with understanding how electrical motors and circuits differ, thats where you should begin. Stepper motors servo motors are what you are after and amperes is your power output. Watts is how long your power lasts until recharge is needed.


Rideye is coming out with a camera specifically designed as a bicycle black box: http://www.rideye.com/ In your format: 1: 15hr - 3. No weight listed - 4. $149US - 6. 1080p/170° - 7: :) It's not out yet, but at least spec-wise it seems like a winner. It's Kickstarted and a bit delayed, but I'm considering getting one when it's actually for sale.


I use a contour roam 2 & found the on/off button brilliant, can use with any gloves. As my commute involves off road/on road, I only record the road elements. So although the battery lasts about 2/2.5hours, I can record almost an entire week (10hours) of rides on 1 battery/memory card. Good tip: At the end of each bit of recording, I record my hand ...


From personal experience (Xtracycle's EdgeRunner), if you go DIY or pre-selected kit, make sure you budget for companion upgrades: Battery, motor, controller will add significant weight to the bicycle. Factor in cargo as well (you'd be surprised how much MORE you're likely to haul around if the effort is lower). The motor drive/pedal assist will guarantee ...


Go to the Blackburn website and look through the disc compatible racks, or find out what rack your friend has and get that one. Or look in the seat's manual. The Amazon spiel on the Blackburn EX-1 Disc Rack (or the manufacturer spiel) lists the copilot seats as compatible. There is this previous question which shows that the seat's manual specifies ...


Some general advice: The bend/wobble is likely nothing to worry about and you can search this site or Google for how to true a wheel. If there's less than 1mm of un-true-ness, I wouldn't even worry about truing it. A new wheelset will likely cost more than the bike, and since it sounds like you have a perfectly good one on the bike already it's hard to ...

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