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In all likelihood the parts you need weren't made by Vista. The only things that are likely to be proprietary might be an "innovative" bottom bracket or perhaps the fork and headset. Most everything else would have or could have come from a third party. If you can be more specific about the parts you're looking for we can probably help – or at least ...


For me a decent commuting camera is Drift Stealth 2. It's small and light and doesn't distract you when you ride, has long battery life (about 3 hours) and can record footage in a continuous loop, so you will never lack memory to keep a video. And it's cheap.


Really, the only thing you can do is investigate each individual part as you go along. With drivetrain parts you'll have to investigate how well they work with other drivetrain parts. E.g., if you change the derailleur, does it work with the shifters? Is the cassette compatible with the derailleurs? Etc. Try searching the site for stuff like drivetrain ...


This is the kind of thing that can go one of two ways. Either it will work, or it won't. The material for the seat does not always determine if it will be comfortable. I've seen a triple cushioned seat that would break your tailbone if you rode more than five miles on it; I've also seen a seat made of thick, hard resin-like material that felt like a ...


The description sounds like it is made up of multiple layers, boats built that way are very strong. Being thin, the wood will flex and return to its original shape – I wouldn't expect it to be like a Brooks saddle that molds itself to fit you over time. I think these saddles will be comfortable right out of the box. Or not. This article, The Four and a Half ...


Schwalbe tubes are both Seamless (they're extruded rather than vulcanized pieces) and have a higher butyl content. The are made in their own facility, and they don't make tubes for anyone else. They've been independently tested to hold air better than anything on the market. So no, not all tubes are the same, they`re not made all in the same facility!

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