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It turns out that Focus Transit actually goes between DC and Philly still. The guy on the other end of the phone didn't know what he was talking about when I called. They take bikes.


Japan JR East trains No JR East trains allow unpacked bikes, but folded or packed bicycles are usually fine, no additional fee required. Trains tend to be packed, so placing a bicycle in the very end of a frontmost or rearmost car is least troublesome. From the observation, JR Takasaki line is the least strict and an unpacked bicycle can be taken onto it ...


New Jersey Transit (New Jersey/New York) Paraphrased/quoted from here. Trains: Folding bikes are usually allowed. Standard-frame bicycles are permitted on many NJ TRANSIT trains as described below: On weekdays - Bicycles are permitted on all weekday trains on all lines except inbound trains that end in Hoboken, Newark or New York between 6 a.m. and ...

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