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I agree with Batman's answer and would add to it that weekly pressure checking may not be enough depending on your setup and riding goals. I can get away with a weekly topping off of my tubes under 28mm conti road tires that I'll run at 100psi. If it's snowing/raining/whatever and I decide to run them at 80psi, they will be too soft after a week. I ...


The correct tire pressure for you is typically not whats written on the tire sidewall. That's an arbitrary number determined by the marketing and legal departments at the tire manufacturer, not the engineers (usually it leads to an overinflated tire, which can damage the wheel and reduce control of the bike). You'll have to play with the pressure to get a ...


If you use your bike everyday, i would say you need to whack some air in every couple of weeks. If you have left it sitting for a few weeks, it will need air. Most tyres have a pressure rating on the side- find yours and use it if you can. You'll be amazed at how much faster it will feel, and its also safer in terms of handling.


The puff you hear when you disconnect is mostly air remaining in the pump hose, not the tire. The tube valves are very fast to reseal when you pop the pump off. Most quality tires have a range of pressures. Some controversy exists on the "best" pressure to run, the current thinking has folks running about 5psi under the upper limit. As someone earlier ...

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