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I terms of the "am I too heavy for my tires?" question, you can look for the specs on the tire maker's site. Schwalbe publishes a rated load for their tires, I'd expect that other reputable makers do as well. As a point of reference their Marathon Plus tire is rated for a load of up to 90 kg / 198 pounds in a 32-622 size (probably at 6.55 bar / 95 psi). ...


Be careful when removing the pump hose from the stem. I've had the hose pull too hard on the stem and it caused a leak- the stem partially ripped out of the tube. Be sure to hold onto the stem, anchor it, when pulling the pump hose off.


I found it! After careful inspection of the tire I found a small piece of glass stuck into it: It's sharp side was facing the tube. Here is the place where it was stuck: On the internal side of the tire you can see a little hole: It was hard to feel this little thing by hand. But when I pumped the tire and rode, creating high pressure, this sharp ...

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