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We've used an app for android phones made by Liuto. It was great, easy to learn/use and cheap --only $1.11. Basically, when each rider goes off by start number, you tap their corresponding number on their return and the calculation of their time versus overall elapsed time is complete. Snap!


One option is RaceSplitter. This is an iOS app, costs $35. You will need a suitable iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to run it on. You can enter a start list in advance. Then during the race, you just have to enter the rider number as they cross the finish line, and it will record their time. You can then publish the results on the website, and export to Excel ...


This will run in python (only 3.X, not 2.7), a free to install programming language. Simply save the following as a file ending .py - e.g. timetrials.py. Then open IDLE3 (start menu), and open the file (Ctrl+O). Finally, press F5 to start it. import datetime from operator import itemgetter def get_int_input(prompt, min_=0, max_=None): """Get a valid ...

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