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@headeronly has the best answer, but this is a great supplementary quote from The Rules: The Way of the Cycling Disciple by The Velominati. It's a tongue-in-cheek book but illuminates the problems nicely. For a while, aerobars were allowed in one-day races and road-race stages of Grand Tours. But this presented a new problem; when a rider’s grip on ...


Well, the simple answer is that aerobars aren't very helpful unless you are riding at reasonable speed (say, >18MPH or so), but most people who ride at that speed would prefer to ride in a paceline, which gives more benefit than aerobars. Aerobars are unsafe in pacelines because riders cannot maneuver as well as being on the drop bars.


I now realise "gran fondo" is American terminology for "cyclosportive". That sort of event falls loosely between audax and racing. The randonneuring community prize responsible riding, and tend to frown upon behaviour or equipment that could be deemed "antisocial". For example, most audax events require riders to fit mudguards, for the benefit of others. In ...


Am I correct in thinking (based on your PinkBike comment) that you've never personally participated in a DH race? I would very highly recommend you compete in a few before trying to put on one of your own. There's a ton of things you'll need to think about, and the best way to get a good list is by attending one yourself and looking around with a ...

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