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Does this frame have mounting points down on the rear dropouts? The sort sometimes used for mudguards/fenders, which can be repurposed for the downshafts of a rack. Since they hold most of the weight, a front mount is relatively lightly loaded. I made a couple of clamps out of thin sheet metal for my rack, which wrap around the seat stays and bolt ...


If its better integration of rack & fender you seek, look into getting a rack with a centerline stud or nut that you can attach the outmost half of the fender to. See this pic for a rear fender+rack example.


Fenders don't fall into an "ok with racks" or "not ok with racks" category. Generally speaking, most traditional fender designs will work on bikes with racks attached. There may be certain combinations of fenders and racks that are problematic, but those are the exception. An example of a problem would be a bike whose rear rack is very close to the top of ...


Most standards fenders will work with a rack. You do have bikes designed for both - you will have two bosses. You can double up and use the same boss for both but a separate is much preferred. If a bike will take a rack then it will (almost always) take fenders. But you can have a bike designed to take fenders but not a rack. People use fender mounts ...

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