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Cover each hole with a small piece of tape/sticker. It will help to keep water out certainly (if you are an all seasoned rider). But more importantly it will help you keep out small bits of gravel that could otherwise end up rattling around inside your wheel. My vote is for tape simply bc it would not risk drying out and falling into the wheel the way a ...


It would be best if you could get 16 hole rim (yeah I know the may be hard to find). Holes on the rim go in the zig-zag pattern, and since you skip every second, all your spokes are on one (zig) side of the wheel. This is less than ideal, and in my humble opinion bigger concern than rain coming in empty holes.


Well, the reason you might seal them is to reduce the risk of puncture, not rust. But rust is out of the question in any case if you're dealing with alu. What do you propose to seal them with? As far as I can tell there are two potential risks. First, you seal them with some substance which could actually wear the tube (this would be difficult because ...

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