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I have repaired a pedal powered toy that had an arrangement like this. It was an Italian ride-on toy tractor that had a modified coaster brake set up so that instead of back pedalling applying a brake, the "brake" mechanism inside the hub locked against the hub body so that you could pedal the toy backwards. The modification didn't seem particularly ...


Have a look at the system Berg toys use for their go-karts. Its called a BFR hub (for backward, forward and reverse). This hub lets you go forward or backward, while always pedalling in forward direction. It also has a freewheel. The system needs two chains, with this being in the middle of your drive sprocket and axle sprocket. Hub: BFR Hub stands for ...


This picture shows a slightly better angle. You need to first loosen the lock nut slightly, then spin the adjuster barrel until it unscrews right off the threaded rod on the chain. When you re-assemble you reverse that, and have to re-adjust the tension so that it shifts properly.


To the last question, a far better order of doing things would have been to disconnect the shifting cable first. The knurled part at the end of cable rotates on the threaded piece at the end of the chain, visible through the hole in the wheel nut. Rotate it to disconnect the cable.


You mention the brake is brand new. Have you "bedded" the pads in? Bedding involves riding down a hill and feathering the brake lightly. The other possibility is pad / disc contamination. In particular oil. Discs can be cleaned with appropriate solvent. Pads can be cleaned by baking (faced down) on grease proof paper or gently heating over a flame to burn ...


If the cables are cheap ones, then the bends in the housing can cause friction and loss of efficiency. Perhaps that is what your LBS person meant. Check that the cables are routed correctly. If they are Ok, then find better quality cables (see that same Sheldon Brown page) and install them.


You can use a pipe that you wrap around the QR to have a bigger lever, but be careful not to apply to much force (because you will have a lot more)! If the lever is stuck against the frame (so you cannot place your fingers around), try with a screwdriver first to pry it open(but put a cloth or something to prevent damage on the frame). Perhaps the axle of ...

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