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If it happened in a week, you should take the bike back to the shop you bought the bike from and get them to give you a new wheel (or at least fix the one you have) for free [generally, they should have you take the bike in for a service after ~30 days / 50 miles, whichever comes first, for free]. Any competent bike shop should be able to replace a few ...


I went with the original integrated covers on my hubs without the pressed on caps on the cones. To remove the caps from the cones I just used a sock to sit on the dust cap and give it a good whack with a hammer and it came right off. If my new cones ever do come with a large enough cover then I would probably go with that.


Yes. It's possible. Newly laced wheels often have "flat spots" where the rim is out of round. Generally you round and dish the wheel before you start trueing it. It's possible that the wheel has a flat spot that you are feeling. However, there are another possibilities to include bad tyre mounting, improperly secured wheel (axle), bad tyre and ...

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