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0down vote I also have built a direct drive geared bike. http://comfybikes.blogspot.com.au/p/blog-page_22.html But am interested how Joakim managed to modify the Pinion gears to fit them in the hub? Could NuVinci CVT be modified for the purpose?


I use a ring lock that is attached to the frame to lock the rear wheel to the frame. As it is a relatively cheap second hand bike (€200 4 years back) that is how it is locked unless left for a long time or in a dangerous place. When I lock properly, the long cable lock will go through the front wheel, through a smallish hole or loop of a fixed object and ...


On a upright bicycle you have a part of your weight on your legs part or even most of the time. On a recumbent bike you do not have any part of your weight on your legs. I would say that makes for less tired legs. I have noticed that at the end of a day long ride I keep sitting on my 'bent trike with my feet on the pedals when waiting for our local ferry, ...


I have a 250w peddle assist diamond frame bike, my wife has a recumbent tadpole trike I've fitted a 300w motor, we are both 78 and have the usual stiff joints, so if the knees play up we can get home under power, just in case people think we are lazy. From my observations on the upright I have problems with balance especially at low speed, it's hard on the ...

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