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Based on the edit, put a new cable on. And while you're at it, you may as well replace the cable housing.


First let's think why this occured. I believe this is what would happen if one used the left pedal for the right crank and the right pedal for the left crank arm. You see the pedals are made so they screw in with the same rotation as the pedal spins (on forward motion of course). So as you press the pedal the pedal, even if not screwed in correctly, it ...


The threads are completely stuffed. Do not just screw the pedals back in and do not rely on loctite or similar compounds. Pedals falling off is at best inconvenient, at worst can lead to crash and serious injury. Easiest option is to replace the cranks. Its not a big job but parts cost might mean a repair is a better option for you. The bottom bracket will ...


The only thing you can do that is safe and reliable and sane is to get a new crankset. You'd need a helicoil or something similar to do the repair reliably and this would be less strong than a new crankset and cost more than the new crankset + installation. Next time, make sure everything is greased and tightened properly.


Those cranks arms are gone/dead and need to be replaced. The pedals are steel and the crank aluminum. You should grease the threads so the metals do not fuse.

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