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Yes, this missing plastic piece is the culprit. It does need to be there. If the derailleur is within 3 years of purchase, is in use with a full Campagnolo drive train (chain, cassette, crankset and chainrings, no 3rd party joining link in the chain) and you have a valid proof of purchase, then it is possibly a valid warranty claim - the warranty can be ...


The spare part code is 5-FD-RE116 for double or FD-AT016 for triple and it's available from several online shops. LBSes specializing in road bikes should have it too. Check out the spare parts catalogue from Campagnolo: http://www.campagnolo.com/media/files/035_250_Catalogue_spare%20parts_tools_Campagnolo_2015_part_A.pdf


There are currently 4 MTB freehub/cassette standards for SRAM/Shimano drive trains: 7 speed - Shimano/SRAM - based on Shimano HG 8/9/10 speed - Shimano/SRAM (a 7 speed cassette with a 4.5mm spacer also fits) based on Shimano HG Shimano 11 speed - fits an 8/9/10 freehub (MTB only) - based on Shimano HG SRAM 11 speed - XD driver freehub - SRAM proprietary ...

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