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General guide to calliper swap: Remove the cable ends (metal cap over the end of the cable) and loosen the cable clamp bolt (bolt holding the cable tight to the calliper). Unfasten the calliper by loosening the calliper bolt (the one attaching the calliper to the frame). Take the calliper off the bike. Attach the new calliper by the calliper bolt, making ...


Remove cables. Remove bar tape. Roll back lever covers to reveal clamp bolts Loosen bolts and slide off bars. Follow instructions included with the new levers (these should in effect be a well written reversal of steps 1-4.)


The Suntour NEX cranksets are marked as "Interchangable Chainring Design" by Suntour, while the XCM's are marked as "Full Interchangable Chainring Design". This means that you can replace the big ring on a NEX crankset, but the middle and small ring are one piece. So, if you want to replace the middle chainring, you have to buy a whole new crankset (or ...

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