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The easiest way to submit data is to right-click on the map and choose "Report a problem". This pops up a small form with a marker. You drag the marker where the problem is, and you pick a category and type something to explain the problem. In a few days, a human being reads it and (assuming he/she agrees) fixes it. For instance, Google Maps would send ...


Rails-to-trails, LAB and others are all great groups who do a lot of good, but not necessarily in your area. Like the saying goes, "Think globally, act locally". The best form of advocacy is to ride as much as you can. In the developed world we tend to look at cycling as recreation or a hobby. As such, many participants drive their bike to the place ...


Showing example is a great way for cycling advocacy. People around me take usage of car for granted. But when they see me riding my bike everyday for working, for shopping or just for the pleasure of cycling, they start to question their behaviour. There is still a long way before they are converted but the seed has been injected in their mind.


One of the aspects of Cycling Advocacy is to make cycling more popular. My usual approach to this is to get work colleagues to volunteer to take part in a charity bike ride a few months from now (we usually do the Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride in aid of The Christie which is about 60 miles long). Out of the various people who volunteer and do the bike ...


There are lots of cycling clubs that are associated with IMBA (International Mountain Biking Association). These clubs often run events and maintain trails. By joining an IMBA club, you'll help support efforts on a regional and national level.


If you want to submit large amounts of data, you might be able to do it using their Base Map Partner Program. I haven't tried this myself. See my answer to the question "Do I have to simply wait for google maps to add cycling directions to my area? Or can I help?".


BicycleDB is a new bicycle database with advanced filtering options. Filter on: Price Brand Frame Material Gear Type Gear Model Suspension Wheel Size Brake Type Brake Brand Color Gender Year


The Internet Bike Database is built on user-submitted data and lets you list bikes by type (mountain, road, BMX and 21 other types) or by brand, and you can search for specific models, but it won't let you filter by year and gears and so on. BikePedia claims to be the "Bicycle Industry Encyclopedia" and lets you view by year and manufacturer, but again you ...


Although there are great local groups, some things are best addressed by nationwide efforts. The vote in the US Senate over transportation funding - MAP-21 - was publicized and lobbied over by groups like the League of American Cyclists - and I think that was instrumental in getting things changed for the better. This question has answers which include ...

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