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I know this is an old thread, and you've probably solved the problem by now. But that bike frame is too small for you.


Feet on the pedals, hands on the handle bars, one or two fingers on your brake levers would be a base position. If you're doing something technical, then bum off the seat or at least unweighted, with pedals fore-and-aft. Doesn't matter which pedal leads, but it'll probably be your primary side, right foot for those who are right handed. Peddling when you ...


Tendonitis(tendonosis) is one possibility, however I would expect some pain during riding especially during the beginning of your ride. When you say biceps tendon I assume you mean near your elbow. That said, the first things I would investigate are ulnar nerve irritation or compression at the cubital tunnel a/o the ligament of Struther's. The ulnar nerve ...

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