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I'm speaking very generally here, but sitting straight up can be comfortable for quite short periods. Probably the most upright are sit-up-and-beg bikes, and if you go over to Holland you'll see 70- and 80-year-olds riding them. The downside is that they're not the fastest bikes around. At the other end of the scale, take a look at professional road racers. ...


First choice is flat or drop bars Flat bars Mountain bike style bars. A more upright position. Comfortable and agile but not very aerodynamic. The single position is fatiguing on long rides. Drop bars Road style bars. A variety of positions to spread fatigue and deal with head winds. The distance between the seat and the bars and the height of the ...


It depends on the bike. If you're commuting on a race bike, you'll be more hunched over than if you were commuting on a cruiser. A lot of people use road bikes in NYC, which force you to be more hunched over than on something like a citibike. The parts of the bike which contribute to the hunched over ness is primarily the top tube length (the top bar on a ...


Depending on your riding position on the road bike and the commuter bike, you will need up to 4cm wider seats on your commuter bike. Ask a friend to take a picture of you sitting on the bike, and review the picture, to determine your sitting position. See my answer here for the details with pictures: Sitbone width recommendations from SQ Lab

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