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When I started riding again, after many years, standing was very hard – like couldn't do it hard. My legs ached as soon as I started and it was really hard to control the bike. Now, a year and change later, I almost enjoy it. I often stand to push up the last part of a hill or to do a short hill without shifting. My advice would be to find opportunities to ...


standing while pedaling should not necessarily be harder than sitting - it depends on how you're doing it. if you're in a hard gear, and/or cycling up hill, it may in fact be easier to stand while pedaling so that you can exert more downward pressure on the pedals.


The frame size and shape could be an issue too. Some frames transfer your effort more efficiently than others. And some frames may do the transfer less efficiently when standing than when sitting. Have you tried stand-pedaling on a different bike? Try borrowing one, you may decide that it is time to buy a different frame.


Pedaling while standing always takes more effort; we do it when we need the extra boost. When you were younger and rid[ing] a bicycle a lot, you were also fitter. I'm guessing you have had a sedentary job for a while, so now your whole system needs to build up again. This is, unfortunately in our modern world, normal. As with any strength / fitness ...


Have you tried it on other bikes? I own one bike on which I can not really ride standing up while I can do it on others, just because of the position (and size) of the handle bars and the pedals. Of course, building up muscles will help, but some bikes are just not build for standing up. If it is really 4 seconds max, I would say that you will not find it ...


Standing up on a bike, especially when you lack fitness, is a good way to go "anaerobic." Put simply, that means your body is working so hard, it can't get enough oxygen. You can only do that for a short amount of time, which for most people is in the range of 10-30 seconds. Then the lactic acid build up in your muscles becomes too painful and you are forced ...

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