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Some old wheels do not have a hook to hold the tire bead, which limits you to around 70 PSI. Straight wall or a slight flare, doesn't matter, 100 PSI is not doable without the hook, afaik. (Wikipedia says the hooks were invented in the 70s) In my experience, the tire will come off within an hour or two, and the tire will pop off with a bang as the tube ...


Rather than quoting figures for the right and left flange distances from the Locknut centerline distance, they quote a "flange to flange" distance, along with an offset, for some mysterious reason. This image: http://issuu.com/novatectaiwan/docs/novatec_hub_dimensions should help translate their "Flange to Flange" and offset figures to be right and left ...


The difference between the Racing 3 and the racing S3 is that the racing S3 is a 35mm deep aero wheel and the racing 3 is a more shallow lighter wheel.


Same here, I could not find them anywhere and I tried hard. my 2015 Allez Pro has these wheels and they are great, slightly heavy but a solid all around performer! I'm happy with them and pretty sure they are made for specialized because they don't exist online.


If you at the Sheldon Brown tire width chart, you can see that there's only 1 width listed where 23 and 32 are recommended. On that page, he says using too narrow a tire can result in pinch flats and rim damage. If you think about the extreme case, where the width of the rim is almost as wide as the tire flattened out, then you wouldn't have much cushion ...

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