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Yes. The shorter spokes go on the drive side. Satisfy yourself by looking at the picture below: Imagine two right-angled triangles sharing a common side (the red-dashed line). The hypotenuse of the left triangle (non-drive side) is longer than the hypotenuse of the right triangle (drive side). Generally only by a couple of mm, but it makes a difference. ...


As for rim strong enough for highest. The force the rim must take is both psi and size. If you have twice as many molecules pushing 1/2 as hard the total force is the same. It is not exactly force on the rim bead but the force on the tire to pull it off the bead. It is a lot about how the and where tire engages rim. On Stans (ZTR) the bead is shallow so ...


I have done this but the wheel does not sit central in the forks therefore the brake block shimms need to be adjusted to suit


Front hubs on mountain bikes and road bikes are all the same width, 100mm (except for some downhill hubs with through-axles). So you could use either type, they would fit in your forks fine. Note nearly all current mountain bike hubs are designed for disc brakes, so include mounts for attaching a rotor. You can still use them on a bike with rim brakes, just ...

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