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This is a special device that gathers the following data, according to this article: the stage winner’s top speed, average speed and time per kilometer the fastest riders up key climbs the speed of the winner at the finish line the top speed achieved by a rider on the day average speed across all riders


They are GPS trackers with a wireless data connection, GSM or EDGE would be enough for the data rate, but it might be something faster. The company supplying them is Dimension Data you can sign up for a free data report at the end of each stage here.


What's the wheel size? If it's 700c, then you can get disc road/CX/gravel frame. Do mind type of bottom bracket, hub widths and seatpost diameter, though. You can fit MTB shifters and brake levers to a drop bar, but that would look funky, so probably flat bar only. For proper fit, stem might require replacement too.


Its almost always more cost effective to sell the existing bike and use the funds to buy a (used) bike you want. Its worth doing it from the perspective of learning about bikes, owning a unique piece of art/engineering "franken bike" or just a cool way to kill some spare time. Doing it because you want a road bike and only have a MTB is the wrong reason. ...

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