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Check out the videos on the Kurt Kinetic Rock and Roll you can definitely stand and tilt the bike side to side. Whether it would handle Andre Greipel in a full out sprint I couldn't say. It's probably one of the better options to look into.


The only one I can think of that's designed for this is rollers, but even on rollers you don't want to get too excited because it's easy to ride off them. You can also buy a cheap wind trainer and not bolt it down, because that lets you throw the bike around and the wind trainer just rattles round on the floor. There's some risk you'll roll forward off it, ...


Rollers. If you ride off them, practice your technique until you don't. It will make you a better rider.


I have a hybrid with a flat bar, a "FBR1 Norco". I cut down the bar length to be 18 inches (45 centimetres) the same width as a road bike handle bar. This is very short for a mountain bike, but my hybrid is for straight road, the loss of width was outweighed by the ability to tuck my elbows in for aerodynamics. I also raised my seat to get into a real ...

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