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Your experience differs from mine. I have drop bar bikes with both cantilevers and V-brakes (which are used to clear large tires) and dual pivot side pulls (which manufacturers prefer to use when tire clearance is not a problem, even though there is no particular weight advantage) Using the same shape of brake levers for both, it's the dual pivot brakes that ...


I had a similar issue last year. The threads on the frame to take the bottom bracket were too worn to hold the bottom bracket in place. A bike mechanic should be able to confirm this for you (for no fee). After some research I found two solutions, one of which is considerably cheaper than the other: 1: bike frame specialists / frame refurbishers can re cast ...


No. They are designed to brake as well as possible without being unnecessarily overkill. The reason why the brakes are a lot less powerful than mountain bike brakes is because they don't require as much force to lock a road bike wheel. That's it. As long as you can lock the wheel, your brakes are powerful enough. You would put the best hydraulic mountain ...


Assuming no decals or identifying markings, call Cinelli with the serial number which will be stamped into the bottom bracket shell. Otherwise, with no pics and no description, telepathy is the next best option. I don't posses that skill.

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