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Penetrating oil (Liquid Wrench). It may take a few days as it needs to work its way down. Or it may free it up in a few minutes. The risk you take with a lot of force with a pipe wrench is you bend the bike or brake off the post or get the post out of round. You should grease the seatpost to help prevent this. If you don't bend the post then I ...


Your bike is a JC Higgins sold at Sears stores. Not exactly sure of the year but I think most Komet hubs were used in the late 50's into the 60's. Just Google JC Higgins bicycle and I'm sure you'll find a picture of one just like yours. Good luck and don't give up on it. When she sees it looking like it did when she was a kid, it will bring back many ...


I had the same problem. I used vise grips and clamped down very tightly. I hit the vice grips with a hammer, repeatedly. This will jar it loose- it took me about 15 minutes. The bad news: when I did this with my bike, it left deep scratches on the post (the vice grips will come loose and need to be clamped down again).


I found this video, and decided to do like him. He puts some kind of extension on his power drill, and on the end he puts a tiny 1 inch steel wire wheel. He drives the wheel up and down in the seat tube for some time until the rust is gone. I tried hard but never found a wirewheel this small in my country, at least not one that would fit on an extension. ...

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