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If you're at all concerned, just go for the natural colored cambium saddle, which I don't think is dyed, so it shouldn't be an issue with that one. I have not had any issue with colors tranferring from the slate colored saddle to my lighter colored synthetic shorts. However, After riding the slate colored saddle, the gray faded and now appears more brown. ...


You have to make sure that you're actually tightening the quick release down - it should leave an imprint on your hand when you close it down. If you put a product like frame saver in the frame, you'll need to tighten it down extra since that makes seat posts super slippery. See this thread as well.


The chamois is a crutch for an ill fitting saddle and bike set up. Chamois are "gaskets". They hold moisture, bunch up, grip soft skin, causing friction that heats and causes burns, etc. They get worse with slight aging. If the saddle is the right shape for your groin, there should be no "gasket" introduced to the groin. My personal preference is a leather ...


In my experience (week long camping / bike touring trips), I have never thought "Man, I wish I had a chair." I have often thought, "I have packed way too much stuff." There are a few things to consider. You have looked into weight and cost, but there is also space and time considerations. Volume: Do you have space on your rack to put this? How small does ...


Depending on your riding position on the road bike and the commuter bike, you will need up to 4cm wider seats on your commuter bike. Ask a friend to take a picture of you sitting on the bike, and review the picture, to determine your sitting position. See my answer here for the details with pictures: Sitbone width recommendations from SQ Lab


The saddle with the right width, and with a "valley" for the crotch area will feel comfortable. This can be a leather saddle after break-in (ex. Brooks B17 or B67), or an anatomically designed saddle, like SQ Lab. Both need to be of the right width for you. If a saddle is too narrow, you will get sore, my experience shows that about 4-5h a day with a too ...

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