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If the seat is low, you can use your feet as a brake by squealing it against the ground when your bmx is brakeless.


While there are jeans specifically for cycling (see Tom77's answer), they are still a compromise (and can be expensive). I found the best option for longer rides (> 2 km or so) is to change trousers. That way you can wear bike trousers when biking, and nice trousers when you want to look nice. This also avoids problems when you get dirty or wet during the ...


Put a plastic bag on your seat?


I ride a pro racer XL BMX. They are built for speed. I keep my seat down for 2 reasons. all my pedaling is done standing up -- power is everything for a racer. My saddle is made of one material only -- composite material -- its like sitting on a steel plate. I only use it to coast on and relax -- and that is only after the race. However, If I ...


None of the above techniques worked for me. I made no impression on the corrugated cardboard and the foil just showed a nice big bum-print after sitting a few different surfaces. I came up with my own technique that's a bit more trial and error but seemed to work for me. I got two small erasers, put them on a chair, sat on them and moved them around until ...

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