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They have been available all the time, but called "top tube pads" and used to protect fixie frames against scratches and dents from locking against poles. Notice how high top tube the bikes in the picture is? Modern off road bikes have top tube much lower, which reduces the risk of hitting your crotch to the tube and makes the padding unnecessary.


There is still a huge market for frame,handlebar and stem pad kits out there. With the increased popularity of old school BMX bikes making a huge resurgence. As many mid 35-45 year olds want to relive those teenage years and of course, are more affluent than they were using their paper round money in the 80's. They are simple and cheap to make. Even the ...


Motorcyclists use full face helmets because the 'happy biker with bugs on his teeth' experience. The speed most motorcyclists go makes that they get bugs and other things in their faces at quite high forces. As they have to wear helmets, (in most countries compulsory,) they might as well add the face protection part. At the speed they go, there is enough ...


I have read answers to this question and many of you think about bicycle accidents as if they were at lower speeds, instead of the higher speeds of motorized vehicles. I would agree with that, if you are assuming there are no motorcycles or cars around, when you ride. However, cycling in a city exposes you to motorcycles, cars, buses and trucks in addition ...

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