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Yes. And no. It makes some sense in that a helmet should fit snug enough to stay on on its own. The chin strap's job it to keep the helmet on your head after the initial impact. Were one to have some condition (a skin condition, stitches on the face or neck, etc) where the chin strap was extremely detrimental, one would be somewhat safer riding with a ...


Get it serviced. If your not sure what your looking for a service is a must, go visit your local bike shop and explain what your plans are. Also, M Check. I always do the M check before a long ride or once per week. M-Check : Enjoy your ride


That's thread from the layer of fabric they use to cover the tire bead, they sometimes fray a little, just cut them off, they're not part of the tire structure.


Basic used bike checks: Look at the bike. Look for obvious signs of damage (bent rims, etc) and for any cracks in the frame. With an old steel frame cracks are rare and you're really only looking for a broken frame from being run over or whatnot, but with newer aluminum and carbon frames one must check very carefully. Examine the bike for rust. A rusty ...


Answering because I'm not making a product suggestion. There aren't any. Most of the action-style cameras go for about 2 hours on their internal battery. Personally I have run a single gopro 3 on a 9AH external USB battery for over 12 hours, but this is vulnerable to water entering the camera housing, and the continual vibrations of riding bouncing the ...


According to UCI's official regulations Section 1.3.031 (emphasis mine) Wearing a rigid safety helmet shall be mandatory during competitions and training sessions in the following disciplines: track, mountain bike, cyclo-cross, trials and BMX, para-cycling, as well as during cycling for all events. During competitions on the road, a rigid ...


Before taking it in for a tuneup, it'd be worth checking if any spoke nipples have seized up. Then you can spray them with penetrating oil (wd-40 or gt-85 ... ) giving it plenty of time to soak in so that your bike mechanic is able to true the wheel properly. When you get the bike tuned up, see if you can watch the mechanic whilst they do it. That way, you'...


Get the bike serviced, giving yourself enough time to thoroughly test it, so that if the service introduces any problems, you discover them long before your trip. There is no standard test for worthiness, you'll have to rely on your judgement.

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