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I had a Peugeot bike once where the seatpost didn't have the usual clamp but a similar system to hold it in the seat-tube. The system was not very practical because if you wanted to adjust the saddle height you could only do so if the saddle was removed. The bolt was tightened from the top of the seatpost. There was a second draw-back: the seat-tube being ...


No, flip up bicycle seats are not common. For (probably) less than $10US, you could get a quick-release seatpost collar so that it's easy to move the seat up or down. Just make sure to mark on the seat post what height you like it at. For over $100US, you could get a "dropper" seatpost (intended for mountain biking) and set one of the lower positions to be ...


Remove the seat and seat post from the bike, install the baby seat, reinsert the seat post, done If the seat post does not have a quick release, go to the local bike shop and buy one for $5.

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