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@alex was right in advising not to use tools where no tools are needed. Similarly, it is easy to run frame BBs or brankarm threads by forcing the thread with a wrench, instead of by hand. Somehow, I had made the hose hard to unscrew by overtightening 2. I loosened it up, held it with a wrench and rotated the hose by hand. This solved the problem.


(this is more of a supplemental answer to Pete's one) The answer is somewhat different if you already have back pain vs if you don't. Simply, if you already have pain it's much easier to make it worse, but if you don't an upright bike is fairly unlikely to cause it. The main factor is likely to be how far forward you lean while stilling on the bike, with a ...


The number of comments to your question is becoming quite large, so I thought I'd roll my comments up into an answer (of sorts). You ask whether the seat postures could cause back pains, and whilst I have no specialist knowledge in this area, I'd have to say from a purely empirical viewpoint that the answer must be "no". A lot of people ride a lot of miles ...

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