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Carbon fiber can cause galvanic corrosion on aluminum. But the reaction is slow, and the carbon fiber would cause the aluminum to corrode, and not vice versa. So it should be safe to ride and not damage your frame. This question covers it a little more in depth -- Metal seat post with carbon fiber frame?


Try a rubber sheet cut to size and rolled around the seatpost. It won't slip. Just an idea.


Yet another option exits: to go without any additional cables from the dropper by using a wireless electronic one. No routing required. As a bonus, you can place the remote control anywhere you like. Currently there is only one vendor to offer wireless seatposts though, and a single model they offer is Magura Vyron. It comes only in two sizes: ø30.9mm x ...


Drilling the seat tube is a bad idea, for the reasons you've indicated. Very rarely a bike shop will have a tool for reaming a seat tube (more usually framebuilders have those) that can to the task in a slightly safer way. BUT from my experience with a welded steel frame where I didn't bother to back-purge (lesson learned!), even once you weld an extension ...


I guess there are no dropper posts with shorter total length available? Seems like there is a need for one, especially with dual suspension bikes that have shorter seat tubes. You could drill out the top lug and thread of the bottle holder. Much easier to access this way then filing from inside. But you would be left with a slightly larger hole in your seat ...

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