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Old thread.. But here's how I fixed it on my bike... Cut an old inner tube into strips that wrap around the rails. Wrap them around the rails and tighten down. It should last virtually forever this way and won't damage the rails like sandpaper will. It might also slightly lower vibrations in your seat.


If it's a steel frame some people recommend heating up the seat tube (LIGHTLY) to expand the metal and then try and wiggle the post out but that seemed like too much effort to me. When I got a seatpost stuck in a frame I went to an auto garage and put the frame in a vice. Then used their pneumatic air chisel on the seatpost and it came flying out in ...


Definitely alloy drink can or other thin sheet metal as it is not compressible and is not affected by water, oil or grease.


Sheldon Brown has a thorough article about stuck seat posts. http://sheldonbrown.com/stuck-seatposts.html Thick soled shoes might also work, if the saddle isn't that much too high.

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