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Yes, it's ok and to be expected. Even expensive dropper posts, which work via the same basic principles as telescoping suspension seatposts, have a bit of side to side movement. For the suspension seatposts, just ensure that the collar at the top of the stationary (outer) portion of the seatpost is firmly hand tight.


An up-down movement is perfectly fine – that's what suspension seat posts are designed for! For the side movement it's a bit more complicated. A suspension seat post is basically two tubes sliding into each other with some suspension mechanism. This requires two things: the tubes need a little clearance to move within each other and they need a mechanism ...


I have used a couple of these seats over the years - the ones I had did have some movement - noticeable when riding. Although not ideal, you do get used to it. It comes down to cost - it would be more expensive to precision manufacture them with no movement, but at some point people would stop buying, and another point, might as well buy a full suspension ...


According to Sheldon Brown's site, there are 1987 Peugot Versailles with 23.8mm seatposts (and I have heard of other french bikes with 23.8 mm seatposts, so it is probable that you've measured correctly). The measurement should be done with calipers or a seat post measuring tool, though. One solution I've heard of is buying a 24 mm seatpost and sanding it ...

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