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Most cars have a tow loop. It is pretty strong as it is built to tow the car. Loop a cable around the bikes and lock it to the tow loop.


The Simplest Option - Passive Lock Strap By far the simplest and easiest way to do this is to use a "trunk lock strap" or "passive lock strap". Searching in Google for either of those phases should turn up suitable products. The idea with these is that they are a flexible cable that you loop around your bike and then close a thicker stubbed end inside your ...


I left my bike at the airport for a week and would do it again. It seemed to be the safest place in the whole city, safer than my home. It depends on where the bike racks are; here in Edinburgh they are right next to the entrance to the departure check-in hall. It's inside the vehicle perimeter, and a security guard stood with a submachine gun next to it. ...


This isn't uncommon in our neck of the woods. If you're a light packer, taking your bike the the airport can be a huge money saver. If your airport doesn't have a bike locker, bring two trusty u-locks with you. Use one u-lock to secure your front wheel and down-tube to one pole, and the other u-lock secure your rear wheel to another pole (please, never use ...

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