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It's a bike sharing scheme in London, the "Boris" part comes from the mayor's name. Wikipedia article on Barclays Cycle Hire There's also a small Boris Bikes community forum (Photo credit)


In Melbourne, we have a bike share scheme. You can buy helmets for $5 from various outlets and then return them for a refund of $3 (they are then cleaned and reused). Despite this, many people are saying that Australia's compulsory helmet laws are responsible for the lack of success of the bike sharing scheme.


Montreal The city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada has had one for a while. I think that there has also been one in Europe. I saw a documentary on CBC's DocZone that had some info about these systems. I think that you should be able to watch it online


This appears to be a widely-used, but unofficial way of communicating that the bike is broken and should not be ridden. See the Wired article that documents this trend: "Courteous Citi Bike Riders Are Alerting Others to Broken Rides" by Christina Boddington. Also, on Twitter, you can find numerous examples (many of which were cited in the Wired post).


I seriously doubt that it's due to the lack of shocks, unless you have some really bad roads there -- many people ride bikes great distances with no shocks, skinny, stiff tires, and no real springs in the seat. More likely your problem is with your posture -- seat too low, handlebar too low, handlebar too close or too far away, and/or pedals at the wrong ...


A quick Google brought up This article. It shows a list of prices for bike sharing rates in 10 cities around the world. It shows prices for various lengths of time that you can rent/borrow the bike for. In most places, the first 30 minutes (sometimes 45 minutes) are free, if you pay for a small yearly membership.


All of the large cycle hire schemes offer several plans and for each, the cost of a ride depends on the length of the ride, as well as the number of rides during the period covered by the plan. Assuming 2 rides on 24 hour pass, some example plans stack up like this, for rides of up to 2 hours: Here and in subsequent figures, four systems are shown, ...


My own personal experience of the Melbourne BikeShare scheme is relatively extensive and I have spoken to quite a few tourists at the various kiosks even if only to help them understand how it works(It is actually quite simple and easy by international standards). Invariably they express a disinterest in hiring a bike when they learn that a helmet is ...


An additional resource that may point the way for the future: "A vending machine that serves up safety: MIT class creates bike helmet dispenser" for use in conduction with Boston's Hubway cycle hire scheme. The first of these are now being deployed in Boston.


Many trailers attach via a hitch on the rear axle of the bicycle. Since bike share bikes use proprietary fittings to reduce theft, it would not be possible to install one of these on a bike-share bike. The trailers you are asking about appear to attach to a seat post. Bike share bikes always have adjustable (but not removable) seat posts. You should have no ...


To add to what others have said, I started getting bad upper-back pain on my commuter bike (probably similar to the bike share bikes) on both short and longer rides (a couple miles to 10 miles). I eventually saw a physical therapist who was able to help me to the point where the problem no longer occurs (even on days where I ride ~20 miles). For me, the ...


By improving your technique. It is possible to have a very comforting ride on rough roads even with a rigid bike (no suspension at all). So, whenever you are seeing roughness on the road ahead you need to do what I've described in http://bicycles.stackexchange.com/a/16315/908


I had a big clip that was supposed to be used to accept a ball attachment for like your windshield suction cup style cell phone holder and you could just clip it to something like a basket or a laptop screen or whatever. It had a strong spring and could be used to mount to that book holder basket thing, but for the life of me I can't find anything similar!! ...


Phone Attachment: I would need to get better views of the front of the bike. Probably fab something starting with an existing mount (looks like you started down that direction). Map Case: It looks like you already have a map case, if not, do a search. If you take one that will fit more or less in the gap on the bar and add some lengths of double sided ...


Many smaller, university-based bike sharing programs provide helments. For example, the City Cycles program at the University of Rochester (in New York) provides helmets: We have 20 street bikes (Gary Fisher brand) with fat, smooth tires for fast rolling and no punctures. We also have one tandem (a "bicycle built for two"). All bikes come with racks. ...


I'm in Charlotte, NC. The city is considering a bike share program since we are hosting the Democratic National Convention next year. I heard at a bike club meeting that vending machines would be next to the bikes with helmets available for purchase. Helmets are not required here except for children. The price of the vending machine helmets will be $10 I ...

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