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Derailer adjustment is easy - at least in theory. When it comes to fine adjustment you may find that you cannot easily get this problem fixed without making something else worse - i.e. its a compromise. Its a good opportunity to learn how to adjust derailers- make adjustments slowly, one step at a time, and count the turns so you can go back to the start if ...


Yes. Both shift 8 speed shimano clusters. The spacing on 8 speed clusters has stayed the same since they first came out. So any 8 speed shimano compatible shifter is a replacement for any other.


Yes I test rode a Sora a few years ago with those thumb shifters - truly awful. My gut feel (I know Shimano well, but don't have direct experience of this groupset) is that one is a direct replacement for the other, but the only evidence I can find to back this is a review on Amazon. For sure there'll be no problems shifting, because you're staying at ...


Handlebars are (almost) all 22mm = 7/8 inch where the brake and gear selectors go. Any shifter, brake lever or combination part will be designed for 22mm. Drop bars are fatter but the shifters for those are not plastic, so I very much doubt you have those. The size where they bolt on to the stem varies, but if you're not replacing the handlebar that doesn't ...

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