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It sounds like you have a broken or worn shifter. Grip shifters have small plastic teeth inside them. The teeth loosely mesh so that it will move when twisted but tight enough to maintain the selected gear. These shifters are still common and relatively inexpensive generally around $10 US.


The Alvio M4000 is a 9 speed shifter, as long as your XT derailleur is a 9 speed version it will be fine


It will totally work. I broke my cassette on one of my bikes, then I replaced it with Shimano Megarange 18-34T. My command is 8 speed and the cassette is 7. As I adjusted the tension of the wire it still runs quite nice. Gear 7 and 8 on the command are representing 7 on the cassette. SO YES IT DOES WORK.


They are same. But before spending money in it, it can be wise to check the threads in the shifter. If pliers used to twist it, the threads could deform, and new barrel will act the same.


I came across a way of allowing an 8 speed cassette to work with a 9 speed shifter. The method I used is similar, though different to hub-ub's fix. I use an 8 speed cassette (HG51) with XT 9 speed shifter and a 9 speed XT derailleur. The gear cable (coming out from the barrel adjuster) goes around towards the wheel or the inside of the anchor bolt. You ...


Most setups are supposed to have at least some sound when switching gears. Depending on your derailleur/setup the sound may vary from a short click to longer sound of chain grabbing around the gears. The switching is supposed to happen without pedaling backwards, so you should not do it. Normally it is not okay to switch gears with highly tensioned chain, ...


You still may want an inline adjuster, but if you don't have it, here's the procedure I use (I don't use one): Disconnect cable from front derailleur Shift to small ring, large cog Adjust the lower limit screw to put 1mm of clearance between chain and inner cage. Turn the lower limit screw CW 1/2 turn (pushes cage further from chain) Reattach cable and ...


If there's no barrel adjuster, then you'll need one installed. Ask LBS to do that or do it yourself: Get an inline barrel adjuster and two 4mm ferrules. These are pretty cheap. Get tools to cut cable housing. Make sure there is enough shifting cable left to accomodate extra 3-4 centimeters added by adjuster. If it's too short, get a new cable. Detach cable ...


No. SRAM shifters (and regular Shimano shifters) don't have the right cable pull to deal with an Alfine hub. You need the Alfine shifters or ones marked to be compatible with Alfine (Jtek barends and Versa brifters are two of the 3rd party options for road bikes, for example).

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