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It's not uncommon. Some Shimano shifters are prone to breaking off near the head in the shifter and it can be a bugger to get that little bit out of the shifter. My wife has Ultegra 9sp and I have to replace her cable about every 12-18 months. She can now tell when it's beginning to fray because the shifting gets dodgy before it completely breaks.


It's unusual to have to replace cables every year, you'd expect several years of lifetime under any normal circumstances, even without maintenance. So it could be that you got a duff cable, or it could be that the bike is left in a particularly harsh environment, or it could just be that your memory is playing tricks. But whatever the reason, brake cables ...


If you pull the inner wire by hand while spinning the pedals, does the rear derailleur move the chain to all 8 cogs on the rear cassette? (suspend the bike in a workstand or hang from something with a rope to make this easier) Does the shifter (the part on the handlebars) click through 8 different positions as you press the buttons? Can you feel it pulling ...

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