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To expand on Batman's answer, here is a good picture of an ispec-ready shifter attach to the brake lever's clamp. Here is a traditional shifter using its own clamp (SL-M591) taken from my potato camera


I wouldn't assume anything is bent or broken until you've gone through basic adjustments. It sounds like you just need more cable tension. While off the bike, upshift (inner lever on STIs) all the way out. Test by lifting up on the cable going to the rear derailleur. If there is slack, it is too loose. Loosen the bolt holding the cable to the derailleur and ...


I would not call it convention but rather a reasoned design choice: most people are right-handed and one shifts the rear gears more frequently, therefore right shifts rear. This is the same worldwide for all integrated shifters, which integrate the brake and shift mechanics. Brakes however are often reversed in countries, like the UK, where traffic runs on ...

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