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I'm kind of confused here. You say you can only click 8 times. On a 9 speed bike, there would only be 8 clicks for shifting. Let's say you start on the largest gear, and we'll call that 1. Clicking 1 time with bring you to gear 2. Clicking 2 times will bring you to 3. Clicking 3 times with bring you to 4. Continuing on with the pattern will bring you on to ...


A bent derailleur can still be a problem even if you can reach the extremes of the cassette -- since you said you don't think it is a problem, it sounds like you haven't actually checked it, so check it. Park Tool has an excellent page on checking derailleur adjustment. You also said you replaced the cables + housing -- if these have been routed ...


A 11 speed cassette would mean a new hub (probably a new wheel realistically) and likely a new derailleur to match the cable pull of the STI shifters plus the labor (this includes installation of the new cable stops, new cables, re-wrapping the bar after putting on the new brifters, etc.). You will also need to spread the frame to get a modern hub in there, ...


The rear derailleur shifter needs to be Shimano compatible (and 7 speed) if you want to use indexing (as always, friction always works), while the front derailleur will need to be replaced with a Shimano road FD or you will need to use friction shifters (bar ends most likely) for the front. That being said, the bigger problem is the bike fit with these ...


There should be no problem. Just make sure your rear-derailleur shifter is 7-speed. I have use this setup in the past Shimano Exage 300X 7 speed SIS DT shifters Shimano RD-5501 GS 105 9 speed long cage RD SunRace 7 speed HG freewheel 13-28t and it works


You can probably find some 7 speed bar end shifters on ebay or elsewhere. You can use any speed of bar end shifter if you switch them to friction.

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