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Completely stopping pedaling will not let you shift gears at all. You do have to reduce the tension in the top of the chain to shift front, so pedal, but with small force. The derailleur cannot push the chain sideways if it is under too much tension and thus pulled tight against the chainrings. It is normal to reduce pedaling force when shifting.


Use the Clutch! This is what I always tell people when I'm teaching them how to shift gears properly. Chain-rings and Cogs are machined with *pickup points" that assist transferring the chain from one ring to the other, they only work while you're turning the cranks. So I tell people to let all the power off of their pedals, but keep the cranks turning and ...


If you're talking about a twist shifter, they DO make those still! Sram makes a shimano compatible version. Know that the MRX is shimano, and the other models that have numbers are sram only. If thats not to your liking, the thumb-shifter that Batman was mentioning is a solid option for a few bucks!


Typically not -- a few index shifters (like my Shimano 105SC 7 speed ones) have this option, but its primarily downtube and bar end ones for <=8 speeds. I don't think there exist any other shifters that do this other than possibly some grip shifts since they pretty much are letting pawls catch. However, you can buy friction shifters pretty cheaply these ...


It sounds like the front derailleur needs adjustment. If you recently bought the bike from a shop then take it back for adjustment. If that's the problem then it will take only a few minutes. If it's worse, such a bent chain ring it will likely cost $$. If you want to do it yourself, check out the front derailleur questions. To change gears using ...


As Sander already noted not turning the gears will not allow shifting at all. Thus turning the pedals without really stressing them is key. When shifting to a higher gear with such a system it might be necessary to firmly press the shifting lever when shifting the front gear up, or even shift twice if misconfigurated. That stopping the pedaling helps for ...


A friction shifter allows you to continuously move the derailleur. The point of this on a front shifter (the left) is to trim the front derailleur. Trimming the front derailleur is when you tweak the position of the front derailleur to account for the change in chain angle with shifting, e.g. eliminate the chain rubbing on the cage of the derailleur. There ...

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