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Chris- first culprit is the barrel adjuster. New cables tend to strench. As a result, small adjustments need to be made to cable tension to keep shifting 100% dialed in. Doing this at home is fairly simple, and there are many great tutorials online about how to do this yourself, here is a link to a great video from art's cyclery. if you still have trouble ...


After watching both videos, I believe that whatever bent the rear derailer also bent the derailer hanger, which has your rear derailer out of alignment. The rear derailer/derailleur is that complicated part you replaced that moves the chain between gears on the rear, and also keeps the chain from getting loose and falling off. On most bikes, the rear ...


I didn't see the video but if your talking about the last 2 lower gears you may need to loose the tension cable. if its the top 2 big gears then you may need to tighten. make sure you derailleur is installed correctly. make sure the last pulley lines up at all cogs especially the biggest one, using your hand and pushing this up and down the cassette, make ...


I had the exact same problem and it was due to broken teeth on one of the chain rings. Inspect your chain rings and look for worn or frankly broken cogs. Replace the chain ring.

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