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You can find what you're looking for under names like "downtube shifter lever boss kit".. You should be able to find something at a bike shop (especially one which works on older bikes) or a frame builder. Another alternative is to use a clamp.


You are right to say that the compact crankset will give you smaller gears to help you get over hills. You can do a straight swap of the crankset, everything else will be compatible, although will need readjustment. If you currently have a 5600 crankset, then you are absolutely safe to swap for another 5600 (compact) crankset. Now, the compatibility ...


For most people, they're just a bit pricier. The weight difference is insignificant for almost everyone (excluding possibly serious racers). As for durability, I'd expect its more of a function of maintenance rather than trim level. But I'd actually guess the "lower end" Tiagra part is probably a bit more durable since its probably got a bit more material ...

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