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Here's a photo of RD-M970 from behind. As you can see, the slotted (guide) pulley goes to knuckle and solid one (tension) to the bottom of cage. I'd align the arrows with chain movement direction that happens when you pedal forward.


The problem is the Tiagra 12-28 is kind of special as it has a more gradual transition between ratios and less aggressive gearing all the way to the middle of the cassette, where the 105 and Ultegra cassettes with a similar total range have a less gradual change and drop much more quickly into more aggressive ratios. We can compare the tooth counts to see ...


The relevant document is Shimano EV-RD-6800-3608A (Jun.-2013-3608A), which gives an exploded view and part numbers for each of the parts of the derailleur. For the Shimano Ultegra RD-6800 SS, you're looking for Shimano Y5XH08000 for the inner plate. (This also applies to many of Shimano's other parts to find replacement pieces) Given that you've invested in ...


Bike shops will sell you a replacement. If you are in the UK then for example


I too have made this blunder. The freehub buddy does work, but isn't in my toolbox. The simplest thing I do is to first have the body mounted on the wheel. Be sure that one of the two slits in the body is at the six o'clock position. I then add just enough automatic transmission fluid (atf) to the body so that it covers up to the axle hole. I spin the ...


After a bit of thinking I filed off cogs from the outside. So far so good, hub presents good enegagement at all gears. After few weeks it still runs good. Left is "fixed", right shown for comparison. I fixed (filed) both. Be careful to make them equal shape and that sharp border is not too thin and ortogonal to the side surface


You'll need: A Shimano 10 speed mountain/ 11 speed road rear derailleur A Shimano 11 speed road front derailleur (since they apparently work differently than normal ones) Shimano 105 shifters (Front and rear; given the cost of a new FD and the resale plan, you don't really want to reuse the old one + the old front shifter) 11 speed chain A freehub on your ...

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