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Trek Fuel ex8 - has hydraulic disc brakes. Hydraulic disc brakes do not require adjusting - they are self-adjusting. In that, as the pad wears - the distance between pad and disc is adjusted automatically. The squeaking and squealing of disc brakes is a common complaint. My first advice would be to - bed the pads in - make sure the discs and pads are clean ...


I can't see how a flat inside ring with no pick-up points machined into it wouldn't be compatible, providing the bolt patterns match up (which they do, I think). The bolt patterns are compatible. There are two reasons why the chainrings still may be counted as non-compatible: Not all Shimano chainsets have identical fitting of the chainring, ...


You say you've lost some of the other bits. This kills the brifter. Seriously, just buy a replacement, probably you can find it used for $50. Normally you'd redo the bar tape in order to replace the entire shifter, but if you want to avoid that, you could probably swap the entire internals of the new unit into the old body (I say probably because it may ...


Based on the edit, put a new cable on. And while you're at it, you may as well replace the cable housing.


Batman's advice is good. Take it to the shop if you're unsure. However, if the pads are new they need to be broken in, so the braking should improve after some use (if properly adjusted). Do some hard braking on every downhill for a while.


The difference in chain width between 9s and 10s is less than 1mm so it won't make much of a difference once the mech is adjusted correctly. I have M660 on my bike and M665 on brother's bike and they aren't so much different, so if 10s is proven to work on one, it should work on the other. Front shifters have the same cable pull, but front derailleurs have ...


Read this article, all 11 speed cassette works with all Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo drivetrain, meaning chain and RD and crankset, so the answer is the Shimano 11 speed chain and Campagnolo 11 speed chain are interchangable. http://fitwerx.com/campagnolo-shimano-and-sram-11-speed-wheel-compatiblity

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