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Creaking from the BB area can be hard to localize, but there are basically 5 sources: The cups holding the cartridge in place are a hair loose, and the cartridge is moving around a bit. Not a real big deal but should be fixed. The BB cartridge bearings are going bad somehow. Unlikely. A pedal is making noise. Sometimes this is indicative of a bad ...


Use spacers on the 11 speed wheel to put a 10 speed cassette on. See your hub manufacturer's page for details, but its normally a 1.8(5) mm spacer (which comes with the hub, but you can buy separately) and a 1mm spacer (sometimes; which you'll get with the cassette). See this page for a table of some common cases.


Here is how I found the answer (30-45 N-m): Followed the link in the first comment on the question (or I could have done a search for something like "shimano alfine hub service pdf"). The link Gordon provided was led to several Shimano products identified only by part number, so I did another search for "shimano alfine 11 hub" and found a listing on Amazon ...


I feel your pain… One place that I've found that seems to stock large shoes is Bike Tires Direct. Both Shimano and Sidi seem to make models that go up to at least size 52. If you don't want to order from the US, you could still use their listings to find some candidates and then ask your LBS what they can order for you. The shoes will come in two styles ...

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