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How are these pedals now, as ive the same situation..


I'm kind of confused here. You say you can only click 8 times. On a 9 speed bike, there would only be 8 clicks for shifting. Let's say you start on the largest gear, and we'll call that 1. Clicking 1 time with bring you to gear 2. Clicking 2 times will bring you to 3. Clicking 3 times with bring you to 4. Continuing on with the pattern will bring you on to ...


A bent derailleur can still be a problem even if you can reach the extremes of the cassette -- since you said you don't think it is a problem, it sounds like you haven't actually checked it, so check it. Park Tool has an excellent page on checking derailleur adjustment. You also said you replaced the cables + housing -- if these have been routed ...


Alfine 8 and Nexus 8 can use the same shifters. I'm guessing you need to adjust the shifter by turning the barrel adjuster on the shifter (there are marks on the hub which need to be lined up in order for it to shift properly -- check the setup instructions for the hub/shifter).


According to BikeRadar, "The battery unit as well as the wiring for XTR Di2 are identical components to the ones used in Shimano's electronic road groups. The battery can be mounted on a bottle cage, in a seat tube, frame and can even be contained within the steerer unit of certain forks (via the use of PRO's new Tharsis components)."

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