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Those are M5 button head cap screws (the entire name is needed to specific the exact part), usually 8mm or 10mm long. You can buy them from any fastener supplier, and many hardware shops as well as bike shops.


Given its only a month old - return to the shop for the first "tune-up" which is standard in most parts of the world. If you bought the bike on line, you can either learn to do it yourself or take it a bike shop and pay for a tuneup. Depends on your mechanical aptitude. Sounds like your bike mechanic visit missed something.


Probably you have already figured out an answer from the given comments, but here is my answer. I have a bike with a very similar set up. It is an old MTB with rigid fork that I turned into a fast commuter. Like you, the first thing I did was changing the tires to a pair of "1.3 Continental Sport Contact. Later, I changed the crankset and the cassette, ...


Seems that the answers are all yes, no and maybe at the same time http://answers.chainreactioncycles.com/answers/5230-en_gb/product/prod92721/shimano-shimano-slx-alfine-g01s-disc-brake-pads-questions-answers/questions.htm?sort=recenta Summarises to "they're close but not the same, theres a different profile on the two models of pad." You're unlikely to ...


If they work, use them. When I've been unable to find the right pads while touring I managed to find some that would go into the calipers and initially I planned to just ride to the next bike shop. But they worked as well as the originals so I kept them until they wore out. The key factors: material compatible with your brakes (resin/sintered) they fit ...


As long as they share BB standards it will work. if not Wheels Manufacturing makes adapters for many BB types. Shifting will work fine as long as the bottom bracket is installed correctly.


Probably. It depends on the exact model and specs. My GF's MTB has SRAM X0 cranks and Truvative chainrings (i.e. SRAM), with Shimano XTR derailleur and Shimano cassette (not sure of the model). All of this is 10 speed - but I believe that it might not work as well with 11 speed.

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