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I use a pair of Gore-Tex trainers when it's wet. They keep my feet dry, I walk around normally with them the rest of the day. I don't have clipless pedals, but I do have toeclips which can be easily adjusted for different types of shoe. They also keep the wind off quite well when it's cold, and have been fine recently when it's been a few degrees below ...


I've just tried velotoze http://www.velotoze.com/ and they are quite good. Not perfect but keep my shoes far drier than any others I've tried. Socks got a little wet but they're far easier to dry out than shoes. They are a very tight fit and cater for clipless pedals.


Check out the 45Nrth Wolvhammer I have several friends who have been using them on to ride their fat bikes on cold snowy days and love them.


15 F and even moderate bike speeds means a wind chill that is at best 0 F, and in any ambient wind ( and there is always wind in the winter ) and it gets to -10 F. The problem may not be enough insulation in the shoes, but not enough insulation altogether. Due to the way the body reacts to cold temps the feet and hands are the first to feel the cold. ...


The vast majority of cycling shoes (road and mountain) are well ventilated and not suitable for cold weather riding. Lake makes an excellent winter boot (I have several pairs). 45NRTH makes the Wolvhammer, which I haven't tried, but have heard good things about. There isn't a market for cold weather "road" shoes since generally road bikes become ...


Back when I did winter riding in Minnesota (in temps down to 0F), I used neoprene booties over my regular cycling shoes. These kept the feet warm and also kept out moisture. At the time I was using regular "toe clip" pedals, so no shoe cleats, but reputedly one could use the things with cleats by cutting out the bottom around the cleat (though obviously ...


For flat pedals, here's my suggested preference order of shoe type: A skateboarding shoe. They have flat grippy soles with more stiffness than most shoes. A traditional bicycling shoe (intended for use with clips and straps). A shoe made for any indoor sport. Indoor soccer shoes (like John Zwinck linked to in a comment), basketball shoes, etc. These will ...

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