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Get yourself any clipless pedals you want (double sided) and buy a set of Fly Pedals II- Plus a spare set of cleats for them. You can keep the Fly Pedals in your pocket, snap them on any time you want then, them take them off & put the away. Plus you still have double sided pedals when you wear your bike shoes. FlyPedals website


Check out some of shimano's 'lower end' 2016 road shoes. Most now are SPD and SPD-SL compatible. RP2, RP3 & RP5 shoes.


Bilateral asymmetry in pedaling is well-known and long-studied. You can see the abstract of a review of what is known about bilateral asymmetry in running and cycling here. During cycling, bilateral pedaling asymmetry is common, and not fixed at a particular split: it varies with cadence, power, duration, and your ride goals. Another article that is highly ...


The short answer is no. The SPD-SL 3 bolt pattern is larger by several centimeters. An SPD shoe has tread to make it easier to walk in the show off-road and a smaller, 2 bolt cleat mounting pattern. The tread would be in the way of mounting the SPD-SL cleat.

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