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If you'll be in the Netherlands any time soon, many used bikes are sold via www.marktplaats.nl. There are also a lot of addvertisements from shops, including these to: Advertisement 1 Advertsiement 2 The second one has some 2013 M6R Black bikes. I don't have experience with these shops. I do often use marktplaats.nl.


I am coming at this from the perspective of converting a bike I have, in my case my Bacchetta Giro 20 ATT recumbent bike [link to my blog documenting my build experience] but before I decided to go down this path I did look at off the shelf e-bikes and for me I couldn't find a reasonably specified [in terms of bicycle components] e-bike at a reasonable or ...


I have tried two ebikes before and to be perfectly honest - they are very poor uphill - almost any hill. The motors are too weak in my view and here the laws won't allow you to ride a bicycle with a motor that has more than 200 watts of power without a motorbikes license (Australia - except QLD). The best motorised bikes I think are the petrol ones such as ...

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