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If it's not too rare you could do an Ebay watch to see what similar bikes sell for on Ebay. I would expect more variation in price in more esoteric stuff, since you tend to have a smaller pool of items and buyers.


we have about 10 bike shops near my home. it is easy to differentiate between the guys who "want to sell bikes & make lots of cash" and "the guys who RIDE, who love bikes, buy/fix/sell, go on long rides and rider-getaways...make $ as a side-benefit." it is the latter category you want to parse your "best" store to. I'm a daily rider, but also a ...


A bike shop will do whatever it can to turn a profit by selling cycles and parts and services. Selling brand new takeoff parts is not at all unusual, because they sold the original for a profit and can sell the takeoffs for a profit. Used stuff is more effort than profit, so expect much less of this. A bike coop will do what it can to encourage cycling. ...

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