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After a month the the freewheel did not improve so I bought and installed a new shimano freewheel. The results were night and day. Gone was the knock when peddling and the warble of the back tire was gone as well. The OEM freewheel was like dog excrement and the new shimano is like peddling on butter.


In your case, go with a used hybrid-style bike. Something light, with ~28inch tires you can pick the best tread as is applicable. MTB bikes will ultimately be "slow" for a commuter, you are primarily going to be on city-streets so don't bother with an MTB-design, too much of your energy is transferred or absorbed by the wheels, shocks, tread, etc. Street ...


On that particular bicycle you'll have to remove the chainguard. Depending on the configuration of that bicycle's drivetrain, you might have to swap crankset parts. Worst case, both crank arms, the chainring (for a triple), a new crank spider (if it's a separate piece), and the bottom bracket will need to be replaced. It is possible that chainrings could be ...

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