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On a non-single speed bike, rear cogs are pretty pricy, and when chain measure tool showing 1.0 it's probably already affected cogs. At 0.75 it's probably didn't affect the cogs yet. So it's preferable to change the chain before. On a single speed bike it will not greatly affect cogs. Thou it sensible when riding and you should feel the ride better with new ...


Yes. All other things being equal a 1/8" chain will be a tiny bit sturdier than a 3/32", just by virtue of the fact that the plates are a little thicker. I also have a single speed bike, I also choose to run a 1/8" chain.


That is not 75%, it is 0.75%. - as @Batman said. According to other sources, it is already too late to change the chain. (Than what the purpose of this tool? - would be the next question) From wikipedia : "Twenty half-links in a new chain measure 10" (254 mm), and replacement is recommended before the old chain measures 256 mm (0.7% wear)"


The .75 is not 75% worn per se. A chain checker measures chain stretch. Chain stretch is an indicator or wear-and-tear. Parts of a drive train wear at different rates. For instance the teeth of the chainset will show wear when they become "shark-finned". But this could be long after the point at which you should replace a worn chain. If you persist in using ...

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