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This is a sticky one to tackle. Firstly, we don't know the terrain you're riding in, we don't know if you're going to commute to work/school/college/university and we don't even know exactly what your budget would be. As for a Single-Speed, why specifically? You could lose weight on a road racer or a mountain bike, or even a BMX. Anyhow, if your budget is ...


If you want the best of all of these just put your route on It will give you the elevation profile, and also run a streetview movie of the journey so you can see how steep the hills are.


Most things are better on a single speed (except touring) Yes equip yourself with a fixie or in my case technically a single speed for the following reasons. 1 Chain tension is consistent (and your muscles adapt ) less energy is wasted changing gears. 2 Low maintainance costs and longer component life with good quality stainless steel larger componentry. ...

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