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It could work, but you'll end up with unsightly cable ties or something to hold the housing to the frame. Plus the shifting performance won't be great given all the slop that can accrue in a long unsupported housing. If you're fixed on this frame, how about getting an opinion from a local bike shop or frame builder, as to whether they can braze on some... ...


Back in the day you could buy clamp on stops and guides for derailer cables. I would think you can still find them, either as NOS or maybe somebody is still making them. Sure enough here is a page full of them at BikeParts.Com.


Fixie/single speeds have the same measurements as any other bike. Most fixies/single speeds have geometries that are like old road bikes or hybrids depending on how they're built (obviously a fixie built from an old road bike will have an old road bike geometry!). So, you need to take that into account and preferably try the bike before you buy it. You may ...

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