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In the end I purchased a new Tange bottom bracket with a 127mm axle/spindle. My old BB was 113.5mm. Installed the new Tange BB and it has improved the chainline a lot. Relatively cheap solution.


Could you move the chainring on the crank arm? I can't tell from your picture if it used to be a double or not? I have an old schwinn that I converted to fixed and had the exact opposite issue (chain line moved away from the bike). I wanted the 52T large chain ring to stay so I moved it to the inner ring position. This is probably not ideal, but I've had ...


They look like you want those "in" the horizontal dropout. The bracket should cover the frame and as you tighten the bolt it will pull the axle further away from the cranks, tightening the chain along with it. Be careful to not over tighten as you want a little 'slack' in the chain. Also, it is very easy to tighten one side more than the other resulting ...

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