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I can recommend a very good book on mastering mtb skills (some transferable to any other kind of bike of course). Brian Lopes, Lee McCormack - Mastering mountain bike skills. I especially like the chapter on cornering. Plus you can start learning bike trials. Like mentioned before, start from track stand or cradle, then learn pivots on front and back wheel. ...


I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Rollers. Riding off road will help too, but learning to ride rollers comfortably will take your balance to another level and greatly enhance your ability to recover from the unexpected: blowouts, sand, getting bumped.


Don't neglect your core and upper body. If your core is weak, your ability to balance, lift, and jump the bike will also be weak.


Ride off-road. Riding a road bike on dirt is a great way to improve your skills. Get out on dirt roads or mild MTB trails (just be mindful that large rocks or tree roots can cause a flat or even a dented rim if you're not careful) Bonus points: you get some great looks when you pass people on full suspension MTBs! ;)


Off the bike many forms of exercise will help. Yoga and martial arts in particular will help with balance. On the bike consider mountain biking to help your road technique. A mountain bike with no shocks even better. Once you learn to negotiate rocks, roots, and drop offs then a lot of the low speed stuff that happens on the street seems easy. ...


I'm far from an expert here, but here are somethings that have helped me: Pay attention to how you feel on the bike and how the bike responds to you. Some of this you are probably doing naturally – like shifting your weight back as you brake. Read about cycling technique. Encourage yourself to think about and experiment with the dynamics of the bike – for ...


In rapidly descending order of importance ... (see Why I chose these priorities below) Practice track stands. See How to do a track stand? This teaches balance and slow bike handling skills. Also practice riding in confined spaces (the last time I fell off was trying to do a U turn on a path that was 4 ft (1.2m) wide :-) Learn to jump both wheels off the ...


One thing that can help is training on rollers. It's kind of dangerous at the begining, because the bike reacts a lot to little imbalances, but as you get more experience on them you will feel much more stable on the bike and this might help in feeling the bike better on the road. As for bike handling, ride it and ride it more, I don't think anything beats ...

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