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If all your rides are already on Strava, you should have a look at veloviewer which allows you to dig into it in ways Strava doesn't. You need to pay a small subcription (£10/year) to enjoy all of your rides, but if you do you have almost endless way to search through your activities as illustrated below. The summary section on veloviewer is also ...


We don't recommend products here, Mapmyride is what i and several friends use though, it's free. Does not allow exportation as far as i know. That is a lot of wants out of an app. You might be better pressed to look into the high end gps enabled cycling computers rather than a phone based app. Strava is one of the most popular for a reason, it offers ...


I use IPbike for Android. It has strava upload in case you want it but also gives you files in sensible formats by sensible means. It's got sensor integration but I use it with only GPS. You can give it a good try before you buy. The author is no stranger to this site; despite being almost a neighbour of mine according to play store, I've no connection ...


I haven't tried this, but as I was writing the question I saw Golden Cheetah mentioned in the question Post race analysis of performance. Golden Cheetah is a free software application for Mac, Windows and Linux that looks like it does what I'm asking for here. I haven't tried it yet, can't say how it compares to Strava.

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