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Devil's advocate here, but why not try using flat pedals on your spin classes? It would teach you correct technique by spinning in "circles". But anyway, the previous answers have hit it right on the head, it is either you are using a multi-release cleat or the tension in the pedals are too low or that you are "jerky" in your pedalling movements. remember,...


@Batman has already explained how to adjust SPD release tension (+1 to him). Pedalling smoother will also help. Try to use you ankles more, so that you are trying to drive the pedals through all 360°. And try to pedal straight, as in keep your feet pointed directly forward all the time. Keeping your knees straight can help with this, and focussing on a ...


On Shimano SPD pedals, you can sometimes adjust the tension for how tightly they clip in (likely via a hex bolt). If the tension is too low, your feet will be too easy to pop out, whereas if its too high, you won't easily be able to get out (which isn't a problem on an indoor cycling setup). Try playing with this setting to see if you stay clipped in (...


Get yourself any clipless pedals you want (double sided) and buy a set of Fly Pedals II- Plus a spare set of cleats for them. You can keep the Fly Pedals in your pocket, snap them on any time you want then, them take them off & put the away. Plus you still have double sided pedals when you wear your bike shoes. FlyPedals website


Check out some of shimano's 'lower end' 2016 road shoes. Most now are SPD and SPD-SL compatible. RP2, RP3 & RP5 shoes.

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