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Another vote for the PD-A530. In my case I have these on the hybrid and PD-A520's on the Cannondale road bike. Both pairs are adjusted so that they feel the same so the muscle memory on both bikes is the same. In a panic stop, I don't want to have to remember which bike I am on to get out of it. Tom


Shimano make several models of pedals with SPD one side, and flat on the other. So they can be used with SPD shoes or normal shoes. Options include: PD-A530 These are designed for road/touring bikes, so are fairly slim, with a small metal platform. (Not to be confused with the PD-A520, which are one-sided SPD pedals, without a flat platform). Personally ...


As Kibbee said, making your own out of a milk jug or soda/beer can is probably the easiest way to go. The spacer doesn't need to have the exact same footprint as the cleat to work, so you don't need to be too concerned with the sizing/shape.

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