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I like this one as it supports multiple parameters It is a calculator and a chart BikeCalc Multiply speed by time to get distance 12 mph X 1.5 hours = 18 miles


Sheldon Brown's gear calculator shows you speed at certain cadences (in multiples of 20 rpm) as a function of chainring size, cassette size, crank length and wheel size. For what its worth, most people should be using a cadence in the 70-90 rpm, so you're on the lower end.


If cornering is the primary issue I will offer the following advice: look thru the turn to where you to be when you exit use your brakes BEFORE you turn; enter the turn at the speed you want to hit the apex and accelerate out keep mass over the center of the bike; don't lean into the turn practice turning on dirt until you slide or fall; cyclocross skills ...

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