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We use 268mm spokes for a three cross semi-tangenial spoke pattern wheel on our deep rims (which are similar to Velocity b43 rims), however you're using a 30mm deep rim, so I suggest 280mm spokes.


Spokes breaking at the hub can be an indication that when the wheel was built the builder did not stress relieve the wheel. See Sheldon Brown's article on stress relieving.


I had the same problem with my Trek 720 disc. I paid for the first spoke to be repaired at a nearby bike store. The second spoke broke approximately one month later. I took it to the store that I bought it and they gladly repaired it for free. The service guys agreed with me that this should not be happening. They told me if another spoke breaks, they ...


And these days 27 inch wheels are so old that the problem they have is overtightened spokes. People that do not know how to build wheels properly simply tighten them to pull a wow out of them. This works it's way around the wheel and they keep tightening them until they are at the very limit of their tensile strength. The way to tell is that when spokes are ...


The biggest cause of broken spokes, that I know of, is inadequate tension. When the spokes are tight enough they flex a little bit with every turn of the wheel as the spokes at the bottom of the wheel unload slightly and then tighten again as they move around to the top. Over time this bending back and forth weakens the spokes – usually at the bend where ...


That is poorly built and unacceptable (in my book) as a paid for product. If all of the spokes are protruding some, and several more than others, it means that the wrong length spokes were used. The reasons for this may or may not be the wheelbuilders fault, it's possible that some component of the wheel build had incorrectly listed sizing and the spoke ...

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