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its wheel building machines in action https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu7WXwdDxbGO39vre3_xLTw


Given the age of the wheel, you're going to continue to snap older spokes from time to time. Don't worry about the gauge of the replacement spoke. Assuming it's within the range of appropriate tension, as long as it pulls true there's not much to be concerned about. I have multiple wheels with some of the thinnest gauge spokes available (Sapim CX Rays) with ...


1) Wheel building is non-trivial and takes practice but there are some good references (and J. Brandst, The Bicycle Wheel). I don't know if a dynamo hub will be harder than a normal hub, but the first order of business is finding a decent dynamo hub which takes a disc rotor. 2) On reusing nipples: Given how cheap nipples are, why would you bother? Though ...

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