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what should the tension be for spokes in wheels built up from scratch? High. For the front wheel? High Should the tension be different for drive-side/non-drive-side spokes in the rear? No. Both sides should have high tension. The drive side though does more work though. Some builders prefer shorter spokes for the drive side or simply screw ...


The rim manufacturer should have this information. It depends a lot on the number of spokes, if the holes have eyelets (metal grommets) and the material of the rim. Lower spoke count wheels need more tension. Generally eyeleted wheels can handle more tension. As for symmetrical tension, that also depends. If the wheel is asymmetrical then your tension ...


The spoke and nipple are turning together? This wheel uses straight spokes. Don't think it's likely, but the notch could be stripped at the hub, meaning there wouldn't be anything you could do about it besides get a new hub. I think more likely your spoke nipple is probably stripped. Try to get another one from somewhere that is the same size as the ones ...


If you can turn the spoke, the spoke must be broken; or, if it's a straight pull, try to tighten it at the hub.

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