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Yes, you can. You can go from higher speed chains (9 speed) down to lower number of gears (such as your 6 speed). It isn't till you hit the 11 speed chains that it becomes a pain. a 10 speed chain will fit down to a 7 (personal experience). And a 11 will fit a 10 with no problem. That said, the advantage to a 6,7,8 speed chain is that they are thicker and ...


It's just an older style of BB. It's a square taper BB. Simply remove it and it should indicate width of the axle and the cup size (very likely 68mm). Then go order a Shimano BB-UN52 for less than $20 online. It'll outlast the rest of the bike. BTW, you can still find these cranksets on ebay. Good luck!


The most important measurement is the bolt circle diameter or BCD. This is the spacing that the mounting bolts use. On a 3x crank there should be 2 BCDs, one for the inner 'granny' ring mounts and one for outer mount used by the middle and outer ring. There are a variety of BCDs is use (see The standard is 104 ...

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