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It depends on your bar diameter. Oversize bar is 31.8mm for both road and mountain bars, so the stems are interchangeable. For historical reasons[1], most of "standard" drop bars and stems for those are 26.0mm and other bars are 25.4mm. It is possible to tighten 26.0mm stem to hold 25.4mm bar, but it will put extra tension on both stem and bar. Mountain ...


For XC and trail use it'll be fine. It's really only downhill bikes that require especially strong stems, I think (and in that case you'd likely be using a shorter stem anyway for handling reasons).


If you have a 32mm approximate head tube inside diameter, this is an 1 1/8" frame, assuming it is a standard headset design. An 1 1/4" head tube would have approximately a 35mm inside diameter. Here is a link to a PDF from Cane Creek detailing most other styles of headsets fitment for non-traditional options. These have become very common also.

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