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I've done this before and it worked out nicely. I never had a problem with the forks (even with shocks, though if they are expensive shocks you'll want to lock them first), headjoints, anything. Turning them to face the wall (so its like they are riding up the wall) makes it easier to get them in and out. Even with a 40lbs. crappy, huge BSO-grade MTB it ...


There shouldn't be a problem with this. As was said, bike shops do it all the time. Even a lightweight wheel needs to be strong enough to hold the bike and cyclist.


No, there are no problems with doing this. Bike shops frequently hang bikes in a similar way. And when I lived in small house in the inner city, I hung all of the family bikes in a similar way for years, without observing any problems. It's remarkably easy to get the bike up onto the hook or peg, when you learn how. Those in the picture don't look as ...


You'd have to calulate the actual forces to be 100% sure but it's not going to be a problem: forces on front wheel/fork/headset while e.g. just sitting on the bike, braking or landing jumps will be (much) higher than the force applied from hanging it. That being said, I do note at least two problems with this setup: first, good luck getting one of the ...


I got some 15 year old new tires I've had in my garage for years. I put them on my car last week and they're fine so far.

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