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One semi-related tip: wrap the tube you carry with you in a sock or leave it in the box. I've wrenched at lots of centuries and multi-day rides and very often we get people coming in for mechanical help because they flatted, put in their spare tube and discovered it too was flat. The problem was the tube was sitting in the seat bag along with a multitool and ...


Yes, they do degrade over time. Unfortunately, various brands and different storage conditions yield different results, so I'm not able to give an estimation of how long can you safely store a tube. How ever, I can recommend the conditions that appeared to give best results. The tubes I could use after long time of storage without problems where those that ...


On long enough time scales (many decades), sure. Rubber-y things oxidize (seems like drying out, but it's different). On more practical time scales (several years), keep them cool and protected from UV light and ozone. They'll be fine.


Unlike @Batman and @Daniel, I think it does matter. The bike should be stored with the gears set to the highest gear (the chain on the smallest cog), so that the spring in the derailleur is under the least pressure, and the cable is also under the last tension. So the cable will stretch less and the gears will stay in adjustment longer.


It doesn't matter for any perspective aside from convenience -- usually the most convenient gear to store it in is the gear you're going to use first when you start riding again.

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