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Thanks everyone for the help. After doing some investigation I actually came up with a pretty simple solution. Simply turning the bike around and facing it the other way made it sit so it no longer pinched the cable.


Could this cause me to have brake problems Yes: The weight of your bike will pinch the cable and slowly cause the cable to lose its structural integrity and become damaged: They are designed to take stress along them, not laterally. what can I do to mitigate this? Don't pinch the brake/shifter cables between anything. If your rack pinches them, ...


I think you are concerned with the 'rate of degradation'. I've designed sports helmets recently that use similar materials (EPS for example), but not for so long as to ascertain all aspects of durability. Your biggest concern would be loss in mechanical strength on photodegradation. The rate of change in the mechanical integrity of expanded polystyrene ...

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