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Join http://WarmShowers.org I have seen many members offering a place to store a bike. Or, buy them at a bike shop that will take care of them for you afterward. Or, go home on the train and take them with you. http://www.google.com/search?q=bikes+on+trains+in+france


Probably your best bet if you want to park them is to meet someone with a large shed who'll put the bikes up for you. If you make the finance/convenience tradeoff I think selling the bikes after your stay and getting new ones when you return might be a better option, but I understand the convenience of having the same bike. I can think of several options ...


Assuming that's not a carbon frame (I don't dare go near them) I would try to hang it from the frame near the saddle. I'm guessing with suspension forks and a rack it will probably balance just forward of the saddle. A nice wide (e.g. 200mm) single hook would seem to me to be the way to go - an S-hook but made of sheet material, or 2 S-hooks joined ...


Assuming you have room to hang the bike vertically by the rear wheel, it's pretty easy to assemble what you need from parts at the hardware store. Look for a cushioned hanger to put the rear wheel in. Then Google pipe hangers to find something to attach the hanger above to the pipe. You could also look for a coated S hook for the bike wheel.


Following on from Johnny's answer of using compressed air, how about getting one of those computer air duster cans (a bit like this one), and a water bottle holder (a metal one with some flex in it, so you can re-adjust the size of the bottle that it can hold). One like this is a great example: Then put the air duster in the water bottle holder! It's a ...

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