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Almost dismounting the whole bike is way too much work... other options would be much cheaper on your time or - if the bike not too expensive - just leave it outside, protect the cables entry points to prevent water and rotate the wheels 45deg every couple weeks.


The problem with sealing it tight is that water will get in, even just as humid air, then it can't easily get out. You'll get condensation, which will cause rust. It's much better to shelter the bike so that rain can't hit it or blow in easily, but leave the bottom open so that water than run out. A motorbike rain cover would be ideal, but a tarp thrown ...


http://velonews.competitor.com/2010/04/bikes-and-tech/technical-faq/technical-faq-carbon-in-cold-conditions_111530 summarises to "No problems" CF (carbon fibre) components are used extensively in launch/reentry vehicles and satellites where the temperatures range from superheated to near absolute zero. The ultra low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal ...


As a former and occasional landlord, I can see why folks would try to forbid bikes in building. They have a nasty habit of leaving gouges in hallways and doors right about the height at which pedals are when they're carried. But such things are really best handled under general prohibitions against damaging property and assessing damages against security ...

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