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That stanchion is stuffed and needs to be replaced. If the damage is from normal wear and tear the other will need replacement - probably cheaper to get a whole new fork. If its accident damage (e.g from rubbing while on a car rack) and the other is in very good condition, replacing the damaged one is an option (if you can find a single replacement). ...


I think it's very rare, you'd better buy your bike already with that - maybe have a deal in your local shop to swap the fork to a lockout one when buying the bike. Disc brakes are much better than rims IMHO


Sorry but I think your definition optimal is flawed. Optimal as in absorbs terrain irregularities best, resulting in smoothest (closest to straight line) trajectory of the rider. A bike is not a closed system model as shown in that wikipedia link. A bike does not return to a static 0. 0 is relative to the ground and my elevation changes. If I am ...


Without digging too deep into the physics of damped motion now, I say "there isn't an optimal damping setting for all riders and terrains". Let's consider first the critical damping case as defined in the wikipedia article. This is based on the case that you "excite" your system (i.e. set it into motion) once and then leave it alone until it has calmed down ...

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