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In short yes. I had a Judy on a 1997 Trek Y Five-o many years back. 80mm version if I remember correct. That frame and fork used a 1 1/8 headset steerer which I assume your frame will also have. Just make sure the steerer tube on the fork is compatible and aim for form travel between 80-100mm Specs on the bike I had are here:


No, there is no way to look up the lengths of tubes. According to quick web search, both bikes have 1 1/8 threadless headsets, so that is the diameter you should shop for. What you can do is measure the head tube of the frame, add a couple of centimeters for headset, around 5 centimeters for the stem and room for enough spacers to get the handlebars at the ...


Rockshox recommends using 5wt in the upper and 15wt in the lower legs of the Reba, and differing the PSI to tailor for rider weight. 140-160lbs = 90 - 105psi 160-180lbs = 105 - 120psi 180-200lbs = 120 - 135psi 200-220llbs = 135+ MAX PSI = 200 Although changing to heavier weights for heavier riders is not uncommon, i would stick with the recommended ...


If it works as it is then leave it alone and use the 5wt. Your unlikely to harm the fork but might end up in a situation where the damping no longer performs at the level you are used to. Using a heavier or lighter weight is normally only done to alter the damping performance where the fork either does not offer adjustment, or the rider wishes to tune the ...

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