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As technology goes, seal and wiper advance to the point that boots on fork stanchions becomes obsolete, for both economical and practical reasons. The seal has advanced to the point that air suspension fork was possible and economical, leaving alone keeping dirt and grimes off the suspension. So the answer is Technical obsolescence


I have Cannondale Quick CX 2010 with a headshok on a Fatty fork. The lock never really worked, it locked but there was always a very small move causing noise when riding over a bump. The bike mechanic suggested to avoid locking the shok. It lasted about two years before I needed to start adding air every month or so. One day it leaked oil everywhere, made ...


It sounds like the fork was non-functional or stuck. Simply greasing the uppers isn't going to resolve the problem - you likely need to rebuild the entire shock assembly, replacing seals, lubricating internal parts, etc. Every fork is a bit different, so you'll need to find service instructions for the specific manufacturer/model you own. Or, have the ...

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