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I've verified that the hub spacing is 145mm - standard for a tandem. The hub on the bike is unmarked, unbranded, and Trek's website simply lists it as "alloy hub". It appears to be a 135mm hub with a longer axle and spacers in place.


Hi I actually have the same tandem bought from e-bay (UK) around a year ago a bit battered. I have replaced both front and back wheels with usual 26" Shimano Deore mountain bike wheels from my local bike shop. Replaced lots of other stuff as well.


In addition to the stated answers there is also a psychological reason: the Ringelmann effect. The more people work together on a task, the less each individuals' effort unconsciously (even if everyone thinks he does his best) becomes. This was first observed on rope pulling and the decrease in performance it is not explainable by synchronisation ...


Coordination: When riding in a group of singles, it can be hard to stay together on a hill climb, because everyone climbs at different paces. It depends on so many factors, weight, gear ratios, preferred cadence, getting out of the saddle when it feels comfortable and so on. Being forced to climb faster or even slower than you'd like to can upset a rider's ...


It is not harder to ride uphill if your captain and stoker are in perfect unity. I ride a tandem with my wife a lot, and I find it way easier to climb hills with a stoker than riding single. If you have the proper communication, then it's literally two people riding one bike, which is double the power of one person riding one bike. The real disadvantage of ...


Everyone climbs at their own best rate and cadence. On a tandem, both riders have to ride at the same rate and cadence, which will be closest to those of the strongest rider. So neither of them are climbing at their best rate and cadence. On a tandem with very well matched riders, they are in fact quicker, largely due to the draughting effect of the two ...


When climbing a hill on single it is normal to rock the bike side-to-side as you climb. This rarely matches exactly for both riders. It's similar to the way people run slower in a three legged race.

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