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Can you tell/show us what you think the proper starting technique is? Personally I start with my right (primary/stronger) foot on the pedal, and push down hard. This gives enough forward momentum to stay vertical while the other foot comes up to its pedal. I tend to be seated. What's your technique ?


The more speed you get, the more balanced you will be, so at the beginning give a hard pedal stroke to get quickly some speed. You can also practice in a slight downhill road, this gives you speed easier. I recently taught a friend to ride a bicycle (30 years old!), and the solution was the slight downhill. Another trick is to look far ahead (dont look at ...


Combine the twisting and stepping motions. The first couple of months I was following the algorithm twist ankle (heel outboard) - the cleat unclips move foot horizontally outboard, until you clear the pedal move foot vertically, until it steps. This is a flawed approach, especially while crashing in technical off-road conditions. An improved approach ...


As others have commented, get used to unclipping kerbside foot first - and then (and for me this is crucial) make sure the foot that is still clipped in is at the top of the pedal stroke. I made the awful mistake of having the unclipped foot at the bottom of the stroke and when a small child looked like she was about to step out (I was moving slowly up to a ...

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