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Boardman used what is known as the "Superman" position, as shown in this image. This position has been deemed to be against the rules by the UCI. Compare it to the position that Wiggins had on the bike, shown here. His arms are not as outstretched, and therefore it is not as aerodynamic. The superman position was first used in the hour record attempt ...


There have been designs, but cyclists tend to be picky about increases in weight or losses in efficiency. Bicycles do not have the problems of large spinning masses or rough clutching at low speed, and we seem to do OK with discrete steps in the gear ratio.


The NuVinci® N360 is a continuous variable transmission that is roller based. It is marketed and used mainly on hybrid and low maintenance city bikes. They must have had some market success as they have been around since 2006. I recall seeing them at Interbike around that time. More info in the internal structure


I have a RFLKT+ which I use with Cyclemeter. The significant differences are the altimeter and the ANT+ bridge. The reason why I bought it was so that I could use ANT+ sensors, specifically the Garmin magnet less speed and cadence sensors. The altimeter seems to be very sensitive and enables more or less real time grade display – just in case you want to ...


Lighting control isn't exactly a good idea since you have 2 lights (front and rear) on a bicycle typically. Most cycling sensors (cadence, speed, heartrate, etc.) either speak ANT+ or Bluetooth these days, so if you want to read sensors, you just need to know how to speak ANT+ or Bluetooth in your chosen language. You can also add a GPS module and other ...


Try re-pairing the 510 with the speed/cadence sensor. It seems like it's not connected and the speed data is coming from the GPS rather than the sensor. As suggested by others, the alignment of the speed/cadence sensor is important, but it must be close since you seem to get a little cadence data before it drops out. Perhaps it's too close and your crank ...


I also have an Edge 510 (since ~3 months) with the same sensor, but I have not experienced this. I have recently updated to the latest firmware, which often solves similar issues with power readings. Since you were riding at quite low temperatures, the capacity of the battery does decrease, but since the speed reading is fine I would not suspect the battery ...

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